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Master Group is established in January 2018; with the vision of rendering the highest quality products and services to clients all over Bangladesh particularly in the field of Bicycle & Garment. Later in the year 2020, we widened our horizon by entering the field of FMCG products by manufacturing Adhesive, Cleaning, Building Material & Auto Care products in our own production house.

The goal of this company has always been to create employment opportunities for qualified personnel in Bangladesh. Today, we have almost 300 Dealers located all over Bangladesh, creating job opportunities for people across all corners of the nation. We believe that the key to the success of Master Group and MasterBrand Ltd. has primarily been its valued workforce and the enormous support received particularly from our family members, our valued customers, dynamic financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and renowned suppliers.

We motivate, empower and provide personnel securities to all 170 employees of Master Group regardless of their position in the company. Our motivation is owning the company by all of the members and employees, if the company performs well everyone will get benefits out of it. Three decades have passed since we began our journey and we still, fortunately, see a low rate of employee turnover each year.

Master Group’s steady growth throughout the years can also be attributed to our primary principle of commitment to quality, strategic planning and continuous training and retraining of our sales and service supports the team. We also disseminate training and retraining services for our various customers in the Bicycle, Garment & FMCG field that has helped, and will continue to help develop our quality in all aspects of sciences for our consumers.

Our focus is to provide the best quality products and services to our customers as we move ahead; expanding and enriching the collaborative environment to accommodate technical knowledge supported by our strategic principles and to achieve collective brilliance every day.

We have everything



Cleaning materials

To clean and maintain hygiene in our households and industries, the Cleaning Materials of MasterBrand Ltd. is the finest products. Grab our Quik products with assurity of health protection.

Building Materials

Your dreams can be true with our Paints and other Building materials. Products with international formulas are now in your nearest shops, pick and decorate with us.

Adhesive Items

MasterBond, a new brand in the market to provide all the solutions for Adhesive purposes. Choose your needed variety from the collection of our Adhesive Items and bond some new ties.

Auto Mobile Care

Adorable cars should take care of with quality and affection. AutoMaster products provide the attributes you were searching for and keep your vehicle healthy and fit for any road, any season.

Our team of experts do their best